The CMS360 online program enables startups and scaleups to:

  • Develop investor ready plans for launch and growth.
  • Launch products successfully using lean methods.
  • Understand the challenges in scaling a business.


There's a BIG problem in the business world:

  • 90% of new businesses FAIL within 5 years
  • 99% of entrepreneurs have little or no experience of HOW to design a high growth organization 
  • 100% of businesses need to EVOLVE with the times or face extinction.


These problems can be reduced by focusing on creating a high value business that is attractve to outside investors (private or corporate investments). There's no better litmus test.

This applies equally when you're just getting going with a start-up idea, scaling up or with public shareholders.

We've done the work to understand what makes companies attractive and can coach you through the process of investor readiness. We do this through 3 C's:

  • Course modules: Learn best practices for investor readiness. Leverage our highly researched framework consisting of 7 themes and 21 topics. 
  • Coaching: Obtain ongoing coaching from experts and get connections to useful services. 
  • Community: Engage with the community by sharing challenges and consuming well-researched content.

Get the basics from the comfort of your desk: attend our 6 week online program with an intensive module every week to provide you insights and methodology to develop your ideas and business as you go.

Here's why the CMS360 program will become a strategic asset to your business: 

Start-ups and Scale-ups

  • Engage with experts to review your ideas and plans for growth with straight and clear feedback to help you
  • Create a solid defensible business model with product, operations, media, people, financial and business sustainability aspects thought through and validated
  • Access a support group to clarify stuck points, exchange opinions and gain access to an online network for funding and advisory services.

Established businesses - we recognize your need to innovate using the latest methods and practices.

  • Establish strong processes for experimental innovation based on the lean startup and scaled Agile practices
  • Obtain coaching and consulting for your teams leveraging experiences from industry for what works
  • Get help to develop a tailored program that supports lean systems thinking.


You'll achieve the following:

  • You'll go through a vastly accelerated process towards creating a viable and attractive business.
  • You'll be better positioned to get external funding or drive customer satisfacton and referrals.
  • You will be more in control.

I hope this sparks some interest and I look forward to connecting with you.

Kind regards

Azfar A. Haider, CMS360 Founder London, UK 

Next steps

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